Family Support

Support a family for a year at $60 a month.
This allows Kizimani to address chronic Food, Health and Education challenges.
Your monthly sponsorship helps alleviate the daily struggles of poverty and guide families toward meeting some basic needs:
• Food security
• Health care and medicine access
• Tuition to educate their children
• Family assistance and emergency aid

14,000 pounds of grain distributed annually to families in need

26 family caregivers / heads of household receiving vocational training for economic independence

80 elementary through high school and 3 college students currently being educated

19 rainwater harvesting systems installed


The Community Center

Gives local entrepreneurs the opportunity to start or improve their own small businesses with the end goal of greater social inclusion and economic opportunity. When KIZIMANI enables individuals to grow a business and create opportunity for themselves, it creates a ripple effect that not only shapes the future for a family but an entire community.


Since 2017 the Community center has provided:

3 care givers fully employed, 4 care givers partially employed Through small-scale financial support and training. Participants can build their businesses, create jobs, support their families, and transform their communities. 

This Center is a financially self-sustaining social enterprise that promotes entrepreneurship in the rural community of Kivaani, Kangundo, Kenya through small-scale financial support and training. Participants can build their businesses, create jobs, support their families and transform their communities. In addition, profits are shared by the group. Artisans participate in decision making and benefit from a savings program.


A mortuary may not be a business that a western organization would think to implement, however, it is a business that is culturally appropriate and meets a real need in the local community. By building and operating a mortuary, KIZIMANI set in motion a socially responsible business that is sustainable and funds quality, culturally appropriate, and affordable funeral services for members of this community.  All profits from the mortuary go towards the operating costs of the KIZIMANI Mission clinic to pay staff salaries and subsidize the cost of medications for members of this community who have little or no resources.

    The morgue is serving an immediate population of about 20,000 and a wider population of 200,000 people in the sub-county of Kangundo and providing full time employment to 7 staff.

    Eldo-Jamii School

    This elementary school had humble beginnings in 2007 in the small living room of the founders Esther and Basilus in response to children affected or displaced by the political classes. The school, located in a sprawling low-income neighborhood, means many of the children experience the trauma of domestic violence and chronic poverty in addition to caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS.


     In 2015 Kizimani helped rebuilt the school. Since then,

    • 50% increased enrollment
    • 650 students fed daily with one nutritious meal
    • Funded and Implemented Computer and Music Class for Grades 4-8, based on approved curriculum

    Medical Clinic

    Provide easier access to medicine,medical treatment and education to achieve better health in the community of Manyatta, Kangundo.


    In 2015, KIZIMANI built the medical clinic which serves the immediate community of 20,000 plus a wider population of 100,000. This clinic serves an average of 250 patients per month and provides basic curative and preventive services for adults and children. They refer severe and complicated conditions to the appropriate level, such as the district hospital including Covid cases. The clinic  has provided employment to 6 full time staff.

    Education Sponsorships

    In many communities in Kenya, brilliant young students are thriving in school and excited about their future. Unfortunately, without a financial pathway to university, their hard work and achievement is often squandered. KIZIMANI Educational Sponsorship provides the last mile of support on the road to success. We identify promising students from poor communities and provide them the opportunity to get an education, become leaders, and change their communities
    • $300 yearly elementary sponsorship
    • $450 yearly high school sponsorship
    •$2000 yearly college sponsorship; includes room and board


    Since 2010, KIZIMANI has provided sponsorships to 152 students who could not afford elementary, high school and college tuition. Since then,

    • 42 students have graduated high school
    • 9 students attended and successfully graduated 4 year college’s
    • 7 students graduated from technical colleges and 3 launched their own businesses and are paying it forward 

    Trauma Informed Programs

    Provide a Healing Arts Camps: through the exploration and creation of dance, theater, and music, these camps inspire healing through interaction with young people who have experienced similar loss and trauma, in a safe and fun environment. Since 2009, Kizimani has hosted over 880 students in these week-long Art camps to high school students in Kenya.

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